Beijing to cancel medical supplies markup

Beijing introduced on December 27 new and comprehensive reform policies in order to coordinate medical treatments and supplies. Markup in medical supplies shall be waived accordingly.

The coordination reform, which is a follow-up step of the last round medical reform that focused on separating medical treatment and drug sales, will involve over 3,000 medical institutions and be put into effect in the middle of June in 2019.

The new reform policies’ main contents can be summarized as “five measures”: Measure one refers to the “reduction” of the medical examination prices of large-scale instrument and equipment, and control the examination costs.

Measure two means “putting up prices” of medical services like the traditional Chinese medicine treatments and surgery to reflect the labor value of medical staff.

Measure three refers to “cancel” the markup on medical supplies to lower their prices.

Measure four refers to implement the joint “purchase” of medical supplies and drugs with definite quantity to lower the costs.

Measure five means “improving” medical service to strengthen the public’s sense of gain.

According to an official in charge at Beijing’s Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, the new reform policies cover the traditional Chinese medicine treatment, pathological diagnosis, rehabilitation, mind treatment, surgery and examination. It adjusts prices of over 1,600 items.